Annina-Vogel-260 London born Annina Vogel moved to San Francisco as baby where she lived until returning to Primrose Hill, London at the age of 12. For her 8th birthday Annina received two crisp £50 notes in the post from her father that she eagerly changed into dollars to buy her first gold charm - “a sausage dog”, and that was the start of her never-ending obsession with Gold Charms!

From teaching her 4th grade class how to make paper origami birds to unravelling cashmere cardigans and re-knitting them into scarves to making charm necklaces from forgotten Victorian jewellery, Annina has always loved to design and create!

Her mother dealt in antique jewellery, specialising in Bakelite and Costume so Annina grew up surrounded by inspiration, but she always gravitated towards the cabinets with diamonds and gold in which she would spend hours with her nose pressed against the glass dreaming of a day when she could be enveloped by such beautiful and rare treasures.

Whilst working in Television after studying Film and Photography Annina produced programmes mainly on fashion, food and antiques… it was during this time her passion for jewellery was re-kindled and she started making charm necklaces at home after a long days work. Little did she know that the very first long charm necklace she designed would be the backbone of her now ever expanding business and would become her famous ‘Signature Charm Necklace’.

Whether it was the luck of the Irish or all the horseshoe charms she started wearing one will never know but Annina’s jewellery hobby grew rapidly and word spread quickly, and then there was no turning back! Annina’s collection has since developed a cult-like following with the coolest celebrities donning her jewels. An impressive collection of rare, antique British gold charms and chains are available to chose from to create your own bespoke piece on site at Liberty and Selfridges in London or Bergdorf Goodman in New York.



UK: Liberty, Selfridges, Fenwick Bond St
US: Bergdorf Goodman
JP: H.P. France Bijoux


Annina Vogel Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company Registration No. 06793760